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Submission Guidelines

Re:Locations: Journal of the Asia-Pacific World (ISSN 2562-9972) is an open-access journal that invites critical interdisciplinary engagement across the vast thematic areas of Asia-Pacific scholarship.

We invite submissions on a rolling basisAuthors need to register with the Journal via the Online Journal System (OJS) prior to submitting. Already registered? Simply log in and begin the 5-step process.

Submission Instructions

Please ensure that submissions to the peer-reviewed forum adhere to the following specifications: 

  • Submissions must be between 6000–8000 words, including references, abstract, tables, graphs, and footnotes.
  • Submit articles in MS Word with 1-inch (2.5 cm) margins (no PDFs).
  • Use Times New Roman, 12-point type.
  • Provide a descriptive title, abstract (150–250 words), and up to 5 keywords. 
  • Citations must adhere to the  17th-edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) Notes and Bibliography(NB) system. Submissions that do not conform to the CMS Notes and Bibliography (NB) system will require correction before editorial processes can proceed.
  • Must own the copyright of images or receive permission from the creator. Visuals and images must be appropriately referenced
  • Ensure that tables and graphs are sequentially labeled (e.g., Table 1, Table 2).
  • Ensure that maps, illustrations, and other pictorial elements are accurately labelled (e.g., “see Figure 6”)
  • Include any acknowledgements, including for funding received, as the first footnote.

For more information on the peer-reviewed forum, visit the “About” page.

Please ensure that submissions to the non-peer-reviewed forum adhere to the following specifications: 

  • Written contributions: up to 2500 words. Font style used must adhere to WCAG principles.
  • Book reviews: between 1,000–3,000 words, including references.
  • Visual contributions: up to 5 visuals, accompanying by an artist statement (up to 1000 words).
  • Mixed contributions: inclusive of submissions with visual and written components. Up to 2500 words, and up to 5 visuals. Font style used must adhere to WCAG principles.
  • Poems: up to 3 poems.

For more information on the non-peer-reviewed forum, visit the “About” page.

Connect with us

Questions about the peer-reviewed forum? Connect with Laura Facciolo (Editor-in-Chief).

Questions about the non-peer-reviewed forum? Connect with Shehnoor Khurram (Editor-in-Chief).