The Re:Locations Journal was founded in 2014 by a team of graduate students and faculty from the University of Toronto. With the support of the Dr. David Chu Asia-Pacific program, the journal was established as a progressive platform for students and emerging scholars from or working on the Asia-Pacific world to publish their writings and share their research. The founding editorial team identified a wide gap in existing graduate journals in Canada: many of these forums did not provide adequate space for critical academic and artistic exploration of Asia and Oceania. 

As the journal has developed so too has the editorial team continued to engage with the limits imposed by disciplinary and geographic boundaries. While the expanded regions of Asia and Oceania remain a focus, the journal now more broadly invites critical engagement with ideas that shape social, spatial, cultural and political dialogues. The journal was also created to provide a platform to discuss the disenfranchisement that is a direct result of past and ongoing colonialist practices across Asia and Oceania. Our team remains committed to publishing works with anti-imperialist, anti-racist, and anti-oppressive analyses. 

Discussions surrounding our use of terminology and the hyphenation of “Asia-Pacific” are ongoing. In 2019 we instituted the annual Re:Locations symposium to provide a further platform for graduate students from or working within this region. While Asia-Pacific studies has historically focused on the Pacific rim, the inaugural symposium sought to recentre the “Pacific,” encouraging a consideration of Oceania as a diverse and networked region. The editorial team also seeks to broaden definitions of “Asia,” and is interested in research that similarly considers connection and exchange between East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the wider continent. In a world that is now connected by digital networks, we are interested in the exchange of ideas that occurs across all national and disciplinary boundaries.

The Re:Locations journal team takes seriously our responsibility as an academic publisher to embed equitable and inclusive practices into all aspects of the journal. We seek to improve representation of BIPoCQT+ scholars, editors, and peer-reviewers. We continually review and revise our policies and statements related to this: read our most recent statement here.

Re:Locations accepts submissions to both the graduate peer-reviewed journal and the open online journal on a rolling basis. For more information about the scope for submissions and requirements please click here. Editors at Re:Locations are from a diverse range of disciplinary backgrounds, and all are committed to promoting critical and progressive scholarship. Visit the editors page for more information and further contact details.