Journal Managers

Laura Facciolo (she/her)

MEd Student, Curriculum & Pedagogy
Laura (she/her) is currently pursuing a Master of Education in Curriculum & Pedagogy with a specialization in Digital Technologies at the University of Toronto (OISE). She holds a B.A. in English and Cultural Studies from McMaster University. She is a coffee lover, a SoTL researcher, a hiker, and an early modern enthusiast.
Laura’s research is broadly concerned with higher education futures, visuality, virtual learning environments, and interdisciplinarity. Her research focuses on the art museum as the access point to multidisciplinary pedagogy in higher education. Laura currently works with the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine as a Learning and Curriculum Support.

Sneha Mandhan

PhD Student, Geography and Planning
Sneha (she/her) is a South Asian woman, a proud mom to a rescue dog named Luna, a plant and book lover, an urban planner and architect, and a PhD candidate in Planning at the University of Toronto.
She has experience working on several urban planning, environmental planning, community engagement, and urban design projects in the US, Canada, and India. Broadly, she is interested in the integration of physical form with social and cultural forces within cities, social justice and equity issues, urban informality, community engagement, and spatial planning pedagogy.
Through her PhD, she aims to study the influence of ‘integration’ practices on the culture and use of space among immigrant communities in Toronto, and to connect their experiences transnationally to their families ‘back home’. Her goal is to develop creative research methodologies, storytelling techniques, and design practices that are geared towards making immigrants feel at home, like they belong, in North American cities.